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Euston Station is the terminus of the railway in central London in the Borough of Camden in London and is also the 6th busiest London train terminal. The station is the southernmost terminus of the West Coast Main Line. The station is the primary train gateway from London to Scotland, North Wales, the North West, and the West Midlands. It connects to the London Underground tube station of Euston Square. 

While the present station building is built in the modern international style, the station was the very first intercity train station that was London built.

The station and the railway that it served have experienced numerous changes in management. It was originally owned by the London and Birmingham Railway (from 1837 to 1845), which then became the London and North Western Railway (from 1846 to 1922), before becoming the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (from 1923 to 1947). It was then owned by British Railways (from 1948 to 1994), Railtrack (from 1994 to 2001) and finally Network Rail from 2001 to the present day.

In 2007, British Land announced that they had won the right to completely rebuild the current 40 year old building after demolishing it, which will cost as much as £250m of their total redevelopment budget which is £1bn for the area. As a result, the number of platforms will increase from 18 to 21. Media reports in early 2008 indicated that there is now a strong chance that the old Euston Arch may be rebuilt.

After 3 years following the announcement of Network Railís modernization plan for the station, there has been no sign of the start of work from British Land. Questions are now being raised about British Landís commitment to the project.
The station is currently having a difficult time coping with the large number of passengers and it is believed that it is only a matter of time before this affects the train services in and out of the station. There an urgent need, for operational reasons, to expand the facilities available and lengthen the current platforms which will help prevent a situation arising where trains have to wait in line in the station yard.

The project managers of the Euston Estate Limited Partnership, Sydney and London Properties, have come up with a Vision Master plan with the goal of stimulating debate with regard to the future of the station and the surrounding area. Sydney and London Properties are committed to the comprehensive redevelopment of the station. They want the resulting Euston Estate to be redesigned such that ultimately, a better Euston is achieved for those working, living, and passing through the area. This goal is completely in line with Transport for Londonís need for a comprehensive plan as a means to obtaining a world class terminus and a complete reorganization of the interchange facility for buses, taxis, and underground and Camdenís published policy planning guidelines which require a comprehensive development of Euston Station.